Friday, April 27, 2012

Ideas for the kitchen- Part 2

If you missed it, I wrote a post on the "kitchen part" of the kitchen last week.  With only 20 days until we move, I'm getting so excited!  When I try to go to sleep at night I find my mind drifting towards light fixtures, cabinet hardware and pedestal tables.  Ridiculous!  Oh well.  So let's start with a few pictures of the space I'm trying to decorate.

The dining space and bathroom.

Hey Joel!  Thanks for the thumbs up!
So as you can see, there is a bay window that is not centered on the wall space between the bathroom and the other wall.  I'd been picturing this window as centered in my head all along when making plans for the space.  Not only is it not centered, but the bathroom door opens out into the kitchen instead of in towards the bathroom blocking some of the light whenever the door is left open and messing up the plans I'd had in my head.  See, here's the kind of eat in space I'd been hoping for...



another great nook to consider...

I'd been hoping to use the bay window seat as seating around one side of the table.  BUT the window is not centered which means my table and seating will all be off center as well.  The light (which is currently a ceiling fan) is centered, why can't the window be?  Oh well, I can swag a light.  I haven't yet decided what I'm going to do.  We'll probably at least try to switch the swing of that bathroom door so it's not taking up valuable dining space.  For now, I'm going to go along with my original plan with the window seat and pretend like it'll all work out.

I'm thinking about going a little bolder in this house but am not totally convinced that I can do it.  Oh well, I'm just daydreaming at this point so here goes.  I LOVE Amy Butler fabrics and this is one of the the prints I like best of all.  I'm also excited about the concept of using all of her coordinating fabrics in the rest of the downstairs decorating!

Amy Butler "Soul" in Sandlewood/Periwinkle

As far as the chandelier goes, I am looking at a black iron & glass pendant for over the sink in the kitchen part of the room, so I could stick with that and go with a chandelier like this for over the table...

Another chandelier
Picture this with white shades, not cream.
I'm not set on this chandelier but something loopy-ish and wrought iron is what I'm looking for.  I could be convinced to switch to nickel if the right fixtures found me.

I'd like to find a pedestal table I can paint white and some x-back chairs like these.

I'm not sure if I would paint the chairs white or try for another color.  (Honestly, depending on what kinds of chairs are available at any of the thrift stores I frequent, this could be subject to change.)  However, I'm pretty set on wanting a pedestal table.  I love the hand me down table we have right now but I'm tired of four legs and how limiting that can be when you have company over.  With a pedestal table you can squeeze people in to your heart's content!

I like the idea of using cafe style curtains in the bay window like these...

like the cafe curtain idea

But that's as far as I've gotten with my planning so far.  Can't wait to start on some of these projects!


  1. You need to take the bathroom door off and install a pocket door.

    I like the chandelier.

    Are you thinking of having a free standing table or more of a breakfast "nook" type of arrangement? (Like Papa and Grandma's but cuter?)

    I'm rather partial to a round kitchen table with a pedestal. I grew up with one (smaller than the one I currently have) but a leaf (or 2) could be added and that round table became oblong. It worked well for our family of 6.

  2. I love pedestal tables. I've always wanted one but never found exactly what I'm looking for at a price I can afford. I almost got one on craigslist just the other day until I realized I have nowhere to put it right now. Maybe after the next move I'll get one:)