Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ideas for our New Master Bedroom

We won't be buying a bunch of  fun new stuff just to redecorate (at least not right away) so the name of the game is gonna be use what you've got!  I'm thinking I'd like to mix and match some of what has been in our bedroom in Champaign and things we have in other parts of the house...

Here's the inspiration...

Most of the elements in this room I think I could replicate with things we already have.  The coverlet at the foot of the bed is a great example; we already have a quilt similar to it in our guest bedroom right now...  
(We got it a TJ Maxx and it's by The Global Collection.)

See how similar it is to the other coverlet?
Our current furniture is black, including our bed, so for now that will have to work, although I've considered making an upholstered headboard...  (Here's a tutorial I have pinned.  I think there are many other things that will be higher on the to do list for a while.)  Here's our bed in our Champaign house.

We have 2 different sets of lamps I can choose from...

Marble with white drum shades...

Or wrought iron with white drum shades which are in our current bedroom.

And I already have a similar set of black round mirrors.
They're not as ornate but I think they would give the same effect.

Linen colored floor length curtains would be great.
Alternate View

I'd like to get some kind of a chandelier like this.
Alternate View

Artwork can be pretty and functional.  I made these about 2 years ago for all of my favorite jewelry.

There are still so many other things we'll have to figure out once we get into the house and start playing with where our furniture will fit, etc. but this is a start!

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  1. I love it! I think you could totally play off that inspiration with what you have. I've been meaning to make some framed jewelry boards ever since I saw yours...maybe I'll work on that project in the next (more permanent) place we move.