Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ideas for Bonnie's New Room

I had a lot of fun decorating Bonnie's nursery and, with us moving in May, I'm getting excited about decorating her new room!  (Let's be honest, I'm excited about decorating the whole house.)  I'll start with ideas for my Bon Bon's new room though.  The walls are a soft grey color which I figured would go well with whatever else I come up with.

Here's the inspiration fabric...

Monaco PEACOCKS Fuchsia Pink by Dena Designs for Free Spirit Fabrics

Monaco PEACOCKS Fuchsia Pink by Dena Designs for Free Spirit Fabrics - 1 yard
I plan on using some of these colors for the rest of the decor.

We found a 4 post double bed frame on our neighbor's curb so now, PAINT!
We saved a 4 post bed frame a lot like this one from our neighbor's curbside and I want to paint it, I just haven't decided what color yet.  I might go with white, like the bed in the picture, since her dresser is already white.

Personalized Wedding Gift Print ILLINOIS MAP Custom Color Love State Map Silhouette Illustration / Large 13 x 19 / Peach
I'd love to get this print from Etsy.  It can be personalized, so I think I'd eliminate the "Illinois" from the bottom and of course have the heart moved to where Champaign, IL is located.

Fabric Organizer Storage Container Basket Bin - Dark Pink and White Chevron
I want to get several of these totes for her closet.  They're so cute!  And isn't it easier to stay organized when it looks good?  I have several yellow bins from her nursery that can be mixed in with the pink chevron!

I already have three of these yellow flower wall hooks from Pier One.  They never found a spot in Bonnie's nursery but we'll have to find a place for them in her big girl room.  (This picture is from here.)  They're a little brighter in person than they look in this picture.  Can't you picture some cute little coats hanging from them?

 17" Euro Fitter Cotton Duck Table Lamp Shade
We already have several different lamp bases we could use in her room, 
then all I'd need is a pink drum shade. 


  1. I love it all! What about painting the bed yellow? That would be a fun pop of color.

  2. I've thought about it, we're still debating which bedroom will be for which kid and which bed should go in which bedroom. So there's still a chance the 4 poster could be in the boy's bedroom...