House Tour

This is our first house in Champaign, Illinois.  We love it!  Here's the tour!

The view from the street.

The entry way.

View from the entryway. 

Looking to your right here is our living room and all the bedrooms.

The guest bedroom.

The guest bathroom.

Bonnie's nursery.

Our master bedroom.

The master bathroom.

Back through the living room is the dining room.

Our kitchen.

The back patio.

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  1. I feel your sentiment, I cried like a big fat baby (which I was big and fat, 7 mo preggo) when we moved out, we came back to KC for a wedding and officially closed on it, we slept in the living room on an air mattress. Tom was waiting for me in the car as I walked through each empty room sobbing. It's your first HOME together as a family. It will always be so special!