Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Great Cloth Dipaer Change 2012

On Saturday Bonnie and I participated in an attempt to break the world record for the most babies simultaneously changed into cloth diapers at the same time.  This is the second time the record has been attempted and the second time we've participated!  Last year we attended the event here in Champaign, IL and it was big and exciting and there were lots of giveaways.  The store that hosted last year chose not to host again this year so we drove on over to Bloomington, IL to participate with some moms over there.  There were 31 diapers changed at the one I went to this year and they had a few giveaways but not as many as last year (last year everyone walked away with some kind of a free cloth diaper) but I'm glad we went.  It's always fun to spend time with other people you have something in common with.  Here are a few pictures from Saturday...

Where are we?
Getting ready for the big change!
We all had to hold up our clean diapers for them to get a picture...
Just after!
Fun times together!


  1. There was a change here in Atlanta that several of my friends went to! Looks like you had a good time! Following you! Follow us, too, if you'd like!

  2. Did ya'll set a record on the 21st?