Our Pets

I'm sure over the years we may end up with more pets, it's kind of inevitable when you are married to a veterinarian!

Here's our dog Mason.  He's a schnoodle (1/2 schnauzer & 1/2 poodle.)  He is hypoallergenic and spoiled.  He's still annoyed with us for having Bonnie.

This is Booger.  He's a unique cat and we love him.  He's a tough guy when he's outside and a big baby when he comes inside.  Such a good boy.

Little girl is our most recent addition.  We got her in 2008 after we moved to Illinois.  She's all cat.  She runs at the slightest change in the room and hides really well.  One time we had a cat sitter who thought she had gotten out because they couldn't find her all week, when we walked through the door she was right there waiting for us!

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